Anouska & James’ Beautiful Yellows and Greens April Wedding at Ghyll Manor

I can’t believe it, I’m actually blogging!  I think I’ve forgotten how to but one thing I haven’t forgotten is what a wonderful day Anouska & James’ beautiful yellows and greens April wedding was at Ghyll Manor just over 6 months ago!  That’s impossible…. it was just so much fun from start to finish.  Everyone was so kind and welcoming to me so I really felt a part of the day and could capture everything going on around me totally at ease..  Despite the damp dreary weather the gorgeous spring colours and the smiles on everyone’s faces brightened the day up no end.  Anouska got ready at her parents house where she and her brothers and sister grew up – I loved the giggly atmosphere between the girls all morning, they were all so happy that their best friend was tying the knot – but couldn’t quite believe how this meant they were all soooo grown up now!  The service in St Mary Magdalene church in Rusper with confetti to follow was lovely – very moving… and  the reception that followed at Ghyll Manor was great (such a fab venue) with Matt Wainwright pleasing the crowds with his amazing magic tricks.

I managed to convince Anouska & James to have a few couple’s portraits around the gardens in the rain – actually they didn’t need any convincing at all, they were up for it and the rain did not bother them one bit.  The speeches after the meal were great and had everyone in tears, oh and James’ mum had put together a slideshow for him and that really got me going too – there’s a mum who adores her boys like I do mine.  We had a good old chat about how fast it all goes… before I know it mine will be all grown up too and hopefully finding lovely partners like James did Anouska… such a perfect couple.  James scored many a brownie point with the firework display he surprised Anouska with too – what a fantastic guy! Then the country/barn dancing organised for the evening was such a laugh – I risked life and limb in the middle of the dance floor to get the shots I did  :O

I hope married life is good guys – thanks again for booking me all that long time ago and for letting me share some of your memories… if my little account of the day isn’t enough their wedding was also blogged on Way out Wedding back in May…. enjoy x

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  • Sandra Wright - What beautiful photographs. 🙂

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