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My work and my life got very busy from around May onwards in 2013 so I didn’t blog much of what I was up to when I wasn’t shooting all the wonderful weddings I had, I just didn’t have the time.  So here are just a few of the many many hundreds – no thousands – of photos I took last year all rolled into one MA-HOOSIVE blog post.  Family portraits, lifestyle shoots, babies, pets, a launch party, a christening, a graduation, my kid’s birthdays, a one day holiday on the Isle of Wight, Goodwood Revival, a little camping trip, my snowman in the school nativity… what a year – I loved it!!  This year we plan to extend our 1 day holiday to at least 7, I’m pretty much fully booked with weddings but can’t wait to fill the days in between with more birthdays and day trips and family shoots and babies and whatever memories you need capturing or stories you need telling- bring it on … !

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A couple of months ago I met with Arthur and his mummy & daddy for a bluebell woods photo shoot.  Arthur has already had 2 shoots from his “year in the life of” package.  One when he was but a beautiful bump and then another when he was a tiny baby (you can see that here).  Now at 7 months we got together again in the woods – we were lucky to still find any bluebells around, they were quite late this year.  I couldn’t believe it when I saw him though, my goodness how he had changed and he was sitting up too!  Such a scrummy little man, really adorable.  So smiley and happy – although at first he was a bit unsure we soon got some giggles and he even let us pop him back in the bath tub we used for his newborn shoot but this time in the woods amongst the bluebells – oh the indignity!  Looked cute though!

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot …

bluebell woods photo shoot

Can’t wait to see him again when he’s just turned 1 – he’ll hopefully even be toddling around if he isn’t already!

A few weeks back I did a fun family photo shoot with Kay and her hubby and children.  Kay had entered a competition to win a mini shoot with me over on my Facebook page.  Turns out I had met her before at a wedding a while back but it was so nice to see them all again and meet her youngest.  It was such a cold day but they wanted the photos to look bright and summery so they braved the cold in t-shirts!  I was as quick as possible whilst trying to make it fun and the kids were great – they managed a few smiles bless them!

I love the light down on the beach, it’s a perfect backdrop for some photos and often as parents we’re never in any pictures with the children when we ought to be!  I had a family shoot myself not so long ago to put that right – if you think you’re lacking in photos with your kids then please get in contact.  I promise it’ll not be as bad as you think – why not come and like my page over on Facebook too.  You never know when I’ll be running another competition to win a few snaps like these….

fun family photo shoot bognor regis family photography



Newborn photography for me is so special, to be allowed in to your homes & lives to capture your wee ones in the first few days when some relatives haven’t even had the chance to meet them yet is such an honour.  Today I would love for you to meet beautiful baby Mollie ❤ – she is so adorable, you just want to squidge her cheeks!  I photographed Charlotte’s bump a few weeks ago and they had a family shoot a few years back when Mollie’s big sister was just 3 years old.  She’s much bigger now and adores the new addition to the family.  I can see she’s going to be a wonderful big sister…  Mum had a bit of a sleepless night last night so hopefully this post with my favourite photos from their session will cheer her up a bit.  Keep strong… you’re a fantastic mum! xxxx

Gorgeous Teddy Bear hat by Butterfly Boutique.

Newborn Photography Bognor Regis Newborn Photographer

If you know someone expecting or you’re having a baby yourself and would like some professional photographs of real moments and for me to move in for a few hours with all my newborn props then please get in touch.  Would love to hear from you!

I love newborn photography and capturing babies in their first few days ~ they don’t stay teeny tiny for long!  A couple of weeks ago I went to say welcome to the world baby Kieran and photograph him with his big brother and sister who you may remember from her year in the life of package!

Their mum and I go back a few years to high school and I have good old Facebook to thank for us being in contact again – it’s always lovely to see them all … I’m assured that’s it now, no more little ones so we’ll have to find other excuses to get together after Kieran’s had his 3 shoots!  Whilst he was having some cuddles and top up feeds and being rocked to sleep I made the most of getting some more snaps of big brother and sister having a play in Nanny’s garden.  Then we managed a few sleepy shots of Kieran – adorable ❤ … cute teddy bear hat by Sveta from Butterfly Boutique.

What a gorgeous family you have Jude & Nick, thank you so much for letting me share a few photos on my blog and can’t wait to see you all again in a few months time! xx

newborn photography

If you’d like some family photos and/or newborn photography please give me a shout as I’d love to come and capture your little one in those first few precious days…

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