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I was so pleased to be asked to do a twin newborn photo shoot for Lucie & Oli’s brand new bundles of joy just over a week ago.  Lucie and I discussed the type of photos she was after and my lovely friend Sveta made some gorgeous little hats, (you can have a look at her Etsy shop HERE) – we penciled in a date then I sat back to wait excitedly for news of their safe arrival.  I continued to plan a few things for the shoot and I bought in some new props that will come in handy for future newborn sessions too!  Of course when the day came most of our ideas went out the window – the babies are always in charge on these shoots!  We managed a couple of shots with their big brother, but fabulous as he is, he wasn’t over fussed about having a photo taken with his new brother and sister or even with mum & dad!  When you’re 2 years old there are so many more important things in life to be getting on with!  So we opted for some fun natural shots of him playing in the garden instead and as many sleepy shots of the twins together as we could get before one or the other woke up (at different times!) for cuddles or feeds…  I loved meeting Lucie & Oli and their children, they really are the most adorable little family – well not such a little family now – it’s hard to imagine how 3 becomes 5 over night!  Such a gorgeous family – thank you for having me round in those precious first days!  I can’t wait to see you all again in a year or so for a “toddling along” photo shoot in the countryside somewhere…

If you’re having a baby or know someone who is expecting and who’d like a newborn photo shoot please give me a call.  Thanks x

It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of a pet photo shoot and considering it all started with animal photography for me I was really looking forward to it! Kelli and I have been friends for a few years now having both been involved with rescuing hounds and raising money to help various rescue societies & organisations.  Kelli is a lot more dedicated than me it has to be said – she’s a bit of a rescue angel really and she could no doubt still give you a list of all the dogs she’s found homes for over the years!  She doesn’t forget a single one…  I’ve only got my 3 to remember!  She came down to West Wittering for a shoot on the beach the other day with her sister and her dogs and their children too.  It was absolutely freezing but that didn’t stop the hounds from racing about and having fun – OK maybe all except poor Pasha who after a bit of running around found it a bit chilly for her royal “salukiness” at times!  🙂

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot…

pet photo shoot animal photography west sussex pet photographer

… and just in case you think no no no I couldn’t let my hounds run around like that on the beach (some rescue sighthounds do have a bit of a tendency to want to chase small furry dogs in the distance, hence the muzzles – better be safe than sorry!) … fear not – some of these photos have been edited to remove the leads!  Here’s an example to show you what I mean…

Please get in touch if you’d like a pet photo shoot – on the beach, in the countryside, where ever you’d like – I’d be more than happy to oblige!

In between photographing weddings and couples I do love the odd family, baby or toddler photo shoot and I’m always really flattered when clients come back for the 2nd time – especially when they travel all the way from Norway again!  Just over a year ago I did a bump shoot for Tina when Nicolina was still in her tummy and she was over to visit family … so it was lovely to meet Nicolina this time and what a gorgeous little lady she is too.  It was extremely cold on the day we put aside for the photos – well for me it was cold, it was quite tropical for Tina really!  Except in Norway they would have been in snowsuits, hats, scarves & gloves so wouldn’t have felt the cold so much.  Over here they weren’t so warmly dressed – although I fell in love with Nicolina’s little boots and jacket – how adorable!  We took some props to the park and had some giggles and I parted with a teddy bear that Nicolina fell in love with – she called him “kanin” which means rabbit!  I think because the hat was like two long ears!  She still loves her “kanin” – I’m so glad he went to such a great new home in a new country!  🙂  Here are some of my favourites from the shoot.

toddler photo shoot

If you’d like a family or toddler photo shoot then please do get in touch – and I’ll pray for some warmer weather for us!  Thank you for stopping by on my blog, please feel free to leave a comment … x

It was so lovely to hear from Serena again after I did their wedding photos a couple of years ago – and even lovelier to hear she and Paul were now very proud and loving parents to a gorgeous little baby boy and even more lovelier still to be asked to photograph them as a family!  It was great to catch up with them again before Christmas and meet baby Oscar but I couldn’t share any photos on my blog or facebook as they were surprise presents for doting family members – who I’ve since heard were very happy with their pictures!  We did the shoot in two parts as Oscar was just so over whelmed by the bright leaves on the trees outside (hehehe) and couldn’t concentrate on his new surroundings and smiling at the same time!  But as soon as I popped over to his own home a few days later we had the smiley shots in the bag almost immediately!  What a happy chappy!  Helped with some great excited noises from Mum & crazy photographer lady!!

Here are some of my favourites from the two shoots…  he’s so cute ❤ … such a gorgeous family!  Thank you for letting me share some pics on my blog x


Just over a year ago I travelled up to Hertfordshire to photograph the gorgeous little ❤ Juni ❤ when she was just a teeny baby!  You can see that shoot here….  She was such a poppet then and nothings changed there – she is still totally gorgeous and utterly cute – it’s just she’s fully mobile now!  Her lovely Mummy & Daddy travelled down to me this time for their shoot and to visit the coast – although we chose the countryside for photos to make the most of the last of the Autumn colours and beautiful winter light.  It took Juniper a little bit of time to suss me out and warm up to me but I love the one where she’s staring right at the camera as if to say “what-choo lookin’ at”?!!  These guys are such a wonderful family – thanks for letting me share some of your photos on my blog xx

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