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My work and my life got very busy from around May onwards in 2013 so I didn’t blog much of what I was up to when I wasn’t shooting all the wonderful weddings I had, I just didn’t have the time.  So here are just a few of the many many hundreds – no thousands – of photos I took last year all rolled into one MA-HOOSIVE blog post.  Family portraits, lifestyle shoots, babies, pets, a launch party, a christening, a graduation, my kid’s birthdays, a one day holiday on the Isle of Wight, Goodwood Revival, a little camping trip, my snowman in the school nativity… what a year – I loved it!!  This year we plan to extend our 1 day holiday to at least 7, I’m pretty much fully booked with weddings but can’t wait to fill the days in between with more birthdays and day trips and family shoots and babies and whatever memories you need capturing or stories you need telling- bring it on … !

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Wow is pretty much all I can say!  Last week I was totally blown away by a group of young women from The Regis School (you can visit their website here) and their fantastic teacher when I went along to photograph their A level textiles projects & fashion show.  My niece is one of the students and as she has kindly agreed to make my wedding dress for me, (eeeek… how excited am I!!!?) as a favour, I went along to capture her with her friends modelling their amazing creations.  Around 20 or so years ago we made baby bibs out of some terry-towling in our textiles class and the more advanced did some ribbon edging around them!  Haha – these girls are streets ahead of that!  Honestly, from the beautiful black swan to unbelievably gorgeous wedding gowns, there was something for everyone.  Although there’s no way I could pick a favourite – I loved them all!!  Oh and thanks to another wonderfully creative lady – Lou of Daisies in Middleton-on-Sea for the last minute bouquet she did up for me xx

The fashion show was so much fun too – not just the A-level students but talent from all over the school, including my other niece in her fabulous party dress that she made herself and lots of upcycled uniforms having a make-over too.  I think I can safely say my wedding dress is in very safe & creative hands!  Here are some of my favourite photos of the girls… I really hope they come in handy for their portfolios and they all get the top grades they so rightfully deserve for such wonderful work xx

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I had a fabulous time yesterday evening at the Brighton Music Hall meeting lots of new folk, catching up with a few industry peeps and taking a few snaps for Helen of Doily Days Vintage Weddings & Events.  Helen has recently put together a great little magazine called Doily Days Loves Weddings and I think I was one of the first to grab a little advert in it – I knew it was going to be a must-have read and gorgeous glossary for brides and I couldn’t wait to see the finished product.  It certainly didn’t disappoint and its popularity is already spreading fast… as I was visiting a few bridal shops myself today in Chichester for my own wedding later this year I saw some copies of the mag taking pride of place on the main desk in Everything but the Girl bridal boutique!

I want to make sure I mention everyone and I really hope I do because there’s a long list but the launch party was so much fun and everything looked / tasted / smelt so wonderful thanks to the following wonderful guys & gals:

Helen from Doily Days of course!

Kelly from Belle’s Events & Sussex Love Bug.

Tattoos, signs and lovely happy smiley faces supplied by Doris Loves.

The amazing cakes were by Sylvias Kitchen, Flutterby Bakery and Camilles Cake Boutique.

The fabulous singers were Johnny Zero and later Hannah Summers and her vintage trio is Three Penny Piece.

The great finger print tree was provided by Big Furry cat.

The fun photo-booth was run by Lynda Kelly (Butterfly Portraits).

Vintage hair and make up was Fine to Fabulous and Tea & trim.

Nails and massage and anything and everything for you to feel totally relaxed and wonderful was by Perfect Pamper.

Gorgeous fragrant flowers by Viva Verde.

Those colourful pom poms were Pom Pom studio.

Handmade Weddings provided the paper bags for the goody bags.

and last but by no means least, keeping us all grooving with vintage vibes was DJ Tunes.

and now for some pics!!

If you’d like some copies of the magazine to distribute or you’d like to get your hands on a copy for yourself then please get in touch with Helen ( who will be able to tell you how or where you can get some or one… !!

The other evening I got dressed up in my 1920s gear, like you do, and set off for Brighton town for an evening of fun and laughter with other wedding industry peeps at Hotel Pelirocco.  What a fab venue and great evening!  It was lovely to meet everyone and see a couple of familiar faces but there are soooo many suppliers to list that I’m going to ask them *very kindly!!* to please leave a comment on this post with a little bit of info about who they are, what they do or make and their website / facebook details etc…!  That would help me immensely and be useful to anyone reading this too!

Of course I took a few snaps – but actually not that many (for once!)… (do you like my new blue shoes – I do, can you tell?!)

So I was asked to photograph a fun evening in aid of Movember (a fabulous charity raising awareness for men’s health issues) at the last minute yesterday evening and really, how could I refuse?!!  Then I was asked to judge best moustache – that was tricky!  So many fab tashes!!  All face grown of course 😉  So I ended up picking 3 of the best and we had a cheering contest to see who won!  I laughed so much and had such a fun time – there’s always a great atmosphere in the Old Barn.  So who wants to see some gorgeous hairy men?!  OK….. (wonder how many still have their tashes today or if they’ve all shaved them off now?!)


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