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My work and my life got very busy from around May onwards in 2013 so I didn’t blog much of what I was up to when I wasn’t shooting all the wonderful weddings I had, I just didn’t have the time.  So here are just a few of the many many hundreds – no thousands – of photos I took last year all rolled into one MA-HOOSIVE blog post.  Family portraits, lifestyle shoots, babies, pets, a launch party, a christening, a graduation, my kid’s birthdays, a one day holiday on the Isle of Wight, Goodwood Revival, a little camping trip, my snowman in the school nativity… what a year – I loved it!!  This year we plan to extend our 1 day holiday to at least 7, I’m pretty much fully booked with weddings but can’t wait to fill the days in between with more birthdays and day trips and family shoots and babies and whatever memories you need capturing or stories you need telling- bring it on … !

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Ann & Paul’s pre wedding shoot was so much fun, largely due to the hilarity that their 3 gorgeous hounds always bring to the day!  Emmy, Martha and Johnny are all rescue hounds from GRWE and they’re all totally bonkers in the own way.  Emmy has the best pointy ears ever and boy does he love his mum, Martha is loopy and fast and won’t sit still, she is adored by Paul (and Ann too, but mostly she’s a Daddy’s girl!) and Johnny… well he’s just so sweet, not the cleverest hound I’ve ever met (bless him!) but so loveable and fits in perfectly to the family…

They had a photo shoot a couple of years ago on the beach with just Emmy & Martha and we’ve remained friends ever since. When Paul popped the question (and Ann said yes!) they asked me to be their photographer – which of course I said yes to as well! I can’t wait!! Their big day is going to so beautiful (trust me, I’ve seen Ann’s pinterest board!) – at Pendley Manor in Hertfordshire.  I’ve never shot there before but I’m really looking forward to seeing what fab backdrops it has and capturing their unique and gorgeous day there for them.  Will the dogs be making an appearance??  But of course!  Eeeek – there will be one very happy photographer that day!

Here’s a sneak peek of the dark, damp cold day pre wedding photos – we even had a flurry of snow!  Loving Ann’s red coat – really brightens the photos.  Oh and I must say a quick thank you to Ann’s mum for coming along for lead holding duties when Ann & Paul were having some pics on their own.  I say lead holding duties… it was more lead holding, poo collecting, prop lugging around… what a star!  xx

pre wedding shoot


Last week I got together with an old friend and the fabulous Pez for a dog photo shoot on the beach.  We chose West Wittering Beach as a back drop as it’s just so beautiful there.  We were extremely lucky with the weather too – such a bright sunny day, I’d almost forgotten what the warmth of the sun felt like and it definitely helps to have a bit for the photos!  Stef and I go back a long way, it’s always great to catch up, she’s been so supportive of my work – always recommending me – so it was an absolute pleasure to photograph Pez for her.  The bond between them is so special, he’s a real mummy’s boy!!  I admire Stef for so many reasons – she used to work for Battersea Dog’s Home and has done a lot of charity work for dog rescue, as well as sky diving for guinea pig rescue!  Pez himself came from Bearded Collie rescue back in 2002.  She’s a total animal lover – I remember when we were little when we weren’t playing star wars games (!) we’d play various animal games, chat about the dogs we’d have one day and visit her guinea pigs that had the run of the green house in her garden!

For now here’s some of my favourite pics of dear old Pez from the other day – he’s getting on a bit now like my 3 dogs and it breaks my heart to know our beloved pets won’t always be around with us… but the memories and the photos will.  I hope Stef will enjoy and treasure these photos for years to come and that Pez doesn’t go anywhere for a long while yet anyway!!  Love him ❤ ❤

If you’ve got a gorgeous dog or any sort of pet who you’d rather like a nice photo or two of then please give me a shout – I’d love to meet them and take some snaps!


It’s been a while since I’ve had the pleasure of a pet photo shoot and considering it all started with animal photography for me I was really looking forward to it! Kelli and I have been friends for a few years now having both been involved with rescuing hounds and raising money to help various rescue societies & organisations.  Kelli is a lot more dedicated than me it has to be said – she’s a bit of a rescue angel really and she could no doubt still give you a list of all the dogs she’s found homes for over the years!  She doesn’t forget a single one…  I’ve only got my 3 to remember!  She came down to West Wittering for a shoot on the beach the other day with her sister and her dogs and their children too.  It was absolutely freezing but that didn’t stop the hounds from racing about and having fun – OK maybe all except poor Pasha who after a bit of running around found it a bit chilly for her royal “salukiness” at times!  🙂

Here are some of my favourites from the shoot…

pet photo shoot animal photography west sussex pet photographer

… and just in case you think no no no I couldn’t let my hounds run around like that on the beach (some rescue sighthounds do have a bit of a tendency to want to chase small furry dogs in the distance, hence the muzzles – better be safe than sorry!) … fear not – some of these photos have been edited to remove the leads!  Here’s an example to show you what I mean…

Please get in touch if you’d like a pet photo shoot – on the beach, in the countryside, where ever you’d like – I’d be more than happy to oblige!

It was cold, bitterly cold and windy too but the sun shone down through gaps in the clouds making for the most spectacular sky and Tigger had his pink ball and his “mum” (with treats!) so all was good….! 

Some of my favourites from another pre-Christmas shoot as the photos were for presents 🙂 

pet photography west sussex dog portrait photographer west sussex

If you’d like a pet or family shoot please give me a call on 01243 587517 or email  Thanks 🙂

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