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A couple portrait session doesn’t have to be an engagement or a pre wedding shoot, you can have one any time you want in your life.  Any age, any stage of your relationship, any time, any place, any where!  Vanda & Csaba are already happily married and wanted to celebrate their love together in their new home in West Sussex with some photos of just the two of them.  I think I’m going to start calling my couple’s portrait sessions “Just the Two of Us”…. OK, so I’d always be there too of course, but with gentle guidance you can lose yourselves and be totally into one another for beautiful intimate photos even with gooseberry here snapping away!

Vanda & Csaba are just adorable, they really let me into their lives for just an evening and have already said those who know them well say I’ve captured them just how they are and always have been.  A love like theirs is so very special and you see that as soon as you meet them.  It has got them through some very hard times and just keeps growing stronger.  You can’t help but smile when you’re around them… so thank you for booking me you gorgeous couple you!!  Oh and for letting me share some of your photos on my blog…. hard to chose a favourite really!

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We ambled down to the beach for Sheralyn & Shane’s pre wedding shoot at West Wittering the other day but instead of parking in the big car park we walked down through the church and found a cute little bench surrounded by bluebells along the way – perfect!  Sheralyn & Shane are gorgeous and lovely and kind and sweet and sooo in love and I can’t wait for their big day… so I’m pleased it’s coming up very soon in May at the beautiful Grittenham Barn!    I had a lovely afternoon with them both, they made me feel really relaxed – hold on, shouldn’t that be I made them feel relaxed?  Thing is, it works both ways and I am always so grateful to my wonderful couples who make an effort with me too – they let me in and make me feel like they want me to be there, they giggle along with me (or at me…. at me is fine too!), they make me feel it’s not so bad cuddling the person you love while I take some photos!  So I’m at ease, you’re at ease, we’re all giggling along,  making up words like shnuzzle (a kind of snuggle and nuzzle at the same time!) the photos are flowing and the results… well here’s a few from the other day so you can see how relaxed and fun and just a little bit shnuzzly a pre wedding shoot can be  😉

Chichester Wedding Photographer Chichester Wedding Photography 2014-04-25_0003 2014-04-25_0004 2014-04-25_0005 2014-04-25_0006 2014-04-25_0007 Nicki Feltham Wedding Photographer 2014-04-25_0009 2014-04-25_0010 2014-04-25_0011 2014-04-25_0012 2014-04-25_0013 2014-04-25_0014 2014-04-25_0015 2014-04-25_0016 2014-04-25_0017 2014-04-25_0018 2014-04-25_0019 2014-04-25_0020

The answer to whether or not you should book a pre wedding shoot with me or your chosen photographer is of course entirely up to you!  I love them though, it’s a great chance for me to get to know you both before the big day.  We can have a giggle, you can learn how not to squish noses when you kiss and get all that uncomfortable “this is my best side” business out of the way!  It’s not that uncomfortable anyway, we’re just stating facts… everyone has a best side!  I love a good old selfie – who doesn’t? – arms stretched out, camera up in the air, fab duck face or nice big double chin…  but really when it comes to photos of you with your loved one you’ll be (hopefully pleasantly) surprised at how much you will enjoy and cherish the photos of the two of you before your wedding.  You’ll feel all loved up by the end of it as well – there’s lots of cuddling and canoodling to be had on a pre wed shoot  🙂

In the last couple of weeks I’ve had the pleasure of photographing both Kym & Alex and Anouska & James – two absolutely gorgeous couples who’ll be getting married later this year.  Anouska & James in just a few weeks actually!

For Kym & Alex we visited Winnie the Pooh’s stomping ground in Ashdown forest, the first place they went on a date together.  How sweet!!  We even got to see Eeyore and Piglet’s houses!  Alex won pooh sticks – again!  But secretly I think Kym might have let him win – right Kym?!  Here are some of my favourite snaps from the day….

Nicki Feltham Photography pre wedding shoot 2014-02-26_0002 2014-02-26_0003 2014-02-26_0004 2014-02-26_0005 2014-02-26_0006 2014-02-26_0007 2014-02-26_0008 2014-02-26_0009 2014-02-26_0010 2014-02-26_0011 2014-02-26_0012 2014-02-26_0013

Then just the other day Anouska and James (both actors from London) came down to visit me and we went to West Dean Gardens.  Now they didn’t really need any practise in front of the camera but they still found it worth while and really enjoyed themselves.  It was so lovely to meet them both too and we even had some sunshine!  Such a lovely afternoon…

Nicki Feltham Photography Pre Wedding Photo Shoot 2014-02-26_0015 2014-02-26_0016 2014-02-26_0017 2014-02-26_0018 2014-02-26_0019 2014-02-26_0020 2014-02-26_0021 2014-02-26_0022 2014-02-26_0023 2014-02-26_0024 2014-02-26_0025 2014-02-26_0026 2014-02-26_0027 2014-02-26_0028

So if you like what you see and you’re getting married this year and now fancy a pre wedding shoot or need to book yours in, please get in touch soon as my weekends as of mid May are pretty much chocka block! …

It’s been almost 2 years since I went on a workshop to gather some inspiration and meet like-minded photographers, so visiting the Photography Farm this year was a must for me and Brooke’s “Find Your Voice” workshop was the one I felt would most help me continue on this wonderful journey into photography I’m on.  I love her work, it has so much warmth and love and truth to it and I wanted to learn how she achieves this with her couples and clients.  What an absolutely genuinely lovely lady Brooke is – she’s warm, and lovely and so much fun.  It’s so obvious now how she gets the most amazing photos that she does.  I love the way she interacts and just hangs out with the people she photographs… this is something I already strive to do myself – it’s so much easier to photograph people who don’t feel under pressure to perform so you have to make it fun and laid back but learning some new poses and interaction tips and shooting techniques, plus how to use the available light rather than being scared of harsh shadows was so liberating for me.  So many amazing light bulb moments!

Thank you so much Brooke for opening up to us today and sharing your knowledge with us.  It was such a pleasure to meet you… here’s some shots I took with the rest of the group of the gorgeous couple Adri & Jared – they were up for anything and everything and so much fun to photograph!

West Sussex Couples Portrait Photographer 2014-02-02_0002 Blush Photography Workshop 2014-02-02_0003 2014-02-02_0004 2014-02-02_0005 2014-02-02_0006 2014-02-02_0007 2014-02-02_0008 2014-02-02_0009 Nicki Feltham Photography 2014-02-02_0010 2014-02-02_0013 2014-02-02_0014 2014-02-02_0020 2014-02-02_0019 2014-02-02_0021 2014-02-02_0028 2014-02-02_0027 2014-02-02_0026 2014-02-02_0025 2014-02-02_0018 2014-02-02_0017 2014-02-02_0016 2014-02-02_0015 2014-02-02_0022 2014-02-02_0023 2014-02-02_0030 2014-02-02_0029 2014-02-02_0031 2014-02-02_0024

Back in July the lovely Emily & Matt came all the way down and across from Gloucestershire to meet me and have some pre wedding photos done.  I knew I was going to just love these two before I met them in person, we’d had such a lovely chat on Skype when they booked me, we got on so well and we’ve been Facebooking to and fro ever since.  Their wedding at the Matara Centre in the Cotswolds is going to be amazing and there’s no need to say I can’t wait as I really don’t have to – its literally just over a couple of weeks away now!  This year is flying by!

Just look how gorgeous they are together… see you very soon guys xx

west sussex wedding photography pre wedding photos

You don’t have to be getting married to have a couple’s portrait session with me, so if you’d like me to capture some fun & happy, loved-up moments with you & your boyfriend or girlfriend then give me a shout on .  Hope to hear from you soon! x

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