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Last year when I asked my nieces what they wanted for their birthdays which fall quite close together they both said they would like a photo shoot with Auntie Nicki!  I was very flattered and more than happy to oblige but it’s taken us almost a year to get round to it!  Of course we had to take along their gorgeous little Spaniel Flo as well – bless her hyperactivity-ness!  I can hardly believe how grown up and beautiful my nieces have become, I still remember them as cute little bundles of newborn joy!  Ah now I feel old!!  Here are some of my favs…  thanks for a great shoot girls – such good fun xx

What do you get a fun loving, gorgeous young teen for her 18th birthday?  Something a little different perhaps?  What about a photo shoot with me?!!  That’s exactly what Emily’s friends’ family bought her and back in March I popped along to their house in Horsham to take a few photos of her with her sister and the friends they grew up with.  We had a great laugh and although they already had some lovely family photos on their wall taken by another photographer in their studio what I did was totally different – outside in the garden, over the road by the farm gate, amongst the log pile at the bottom of the garden (!!) and running up and down the grass having piggy back races! 

Here are some of my favourites from the session (wish I was young again!):


F a c e b o o k