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If you go down to the woods today…. there may not be a surprise and there’s no need for disguise just some good welly boots if you don’t want to get too muddy!  The beautiful Lucy and her gorgeous daughter Maisy braved it the other day despite the mud and we had a lovely little shoot in amongst the Autumn leaves.  Here are some of my favourites – thank you Lucy for letting me share a few on my blog x  It was great to meet you both  🙂

I’ve so enjoyed catching up with my old school friend Jude and getting to know her lovely family this past year and they’ve promised to be back for more family photos next year too!  We planned their last shoot for the beach and it was a scorcher so finding shade was a bit tricky!  It was also a bit too hot for Issy and for the first half of the shoot she really wasn’t much pleased with having me about and certainly didn’t want to dip her toes in the sea – *sorry beautiful!*….. but Daddy I think saved the day with a couple of custard creams and his phone-camera (she will pose for him any day and who can refuse a custard cream?!) and then there were lots of smiles & giggles!  It was also so lovely to see her walking along holding hands with Mummy & Daddy and her big brother  ❤  sooo cute!

Here are some of my favourites… (by the way, the tears at the end were due to fed-up-ness not a dropped ice cream but I thought it looked funny!!  You always know when to wrap it up with little ones, but Ollie was happy to carry on, love him!)

Thank you for letting me share some on my blog Jude & Nick x  You have such gorgeous children x …

Remember this scrumptious little lady?  Here she is at just a few days old … totally adorable isn’t she!  ❤  It doesn’t suprise me – she has such a gorgeous mum & dad too!  Aly is my dear friend who I’d be lost without a lot of the time and I was so honoured when she asked me to capture Kitty’s first year.  Due to a crazy June and some pretty rubbish weather I wasn’t able to  capture Kitty at 6 months but we had to squeeze her 2nd shoot in the other day as she’s now pulling herself up on everything and crawling all over the place!  She’s so quick too, bless her…  Not as many smiles as I usually get but it was a blustery evening on the beach and Kitty was so busy taking in her surroundings.  Not to worry though Aly – my new gorgeous backdrop just arrived so maybe we’ll do some indoor pics soon too 😉  So here she is… one of favourite little ladies (with her uber cool big brothers) and some fab new props on my new favourite beach-hut back-drop…! 

Last weekend I met with this lovely family for some fun and photos on the beach!  We did have a giggle and it turns out their little boy goes to the same school I used to go to over 30 years ago!  So we chatted about the rocking horse that is still in the corridor outside the classrooms and then they ran around in the dunes whilst I snapped away.  I love how relaxed they look in the photos – a few “safe” smiley shots looking at me but the rest were just as they were; a fun, happy, wonderful little family.  Gorgeous 🙂  I would like to thank them for letting me share a few on my blog x  If you like these photos and would like your own family shoot then give me a shout – 01243 587517 or

Annie & Pete booked me last year to be their wedding photographer on a recommendation by a dear friend of mine (thank you Bev! x) their big day is coming around so fast now we thought we’d better squeeze in a pre wedding / family shoot down on the beach!  I’m really looking forward to capturing their wedding for them, I was so excited when they said it would be at Farbridge as I’d never had a wedding there before – I’ve been so busy with weddings since they booked me, it will now be my 3rd!  But that doesn’t curb my excitement one little bit as I love it there and you can really put your own stamp on Farbridge, I cannot wait to see what Annie & Pete have in store for their special day.  The fields and flowers in the grounds and surrounding areas will look so different in June as well, enabling me to capture all sorts of lovely photos for them – only problem is I mustn’t forget about them on their big day!  With their 2 gorgeous little ones there as well someone may have to remind me about the bride & groom from time to time!  😉  For now here they are in their wellies on the beach – all natural shots as they played and blew bubbles and wondered about the vast sands and colourful beach huts of West Wittering beach, looking gorgeous of course ❤.  Thank you so much for letting me share some of my favourites on my blog.  See you all very soon x !!

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