West Sussex Couple Portrait Session ~ Vanda & Csaba

A couple portrait session doesn’t have to be an engagement or a pre wedding shoot, you can have one any time you want in your life.  Any age, any stage of your relationship, any time, any place, any where!  Vanda & Csaba are already happily married and wanted to celebrate their love together in their new home in West Sussex with some photos of just the two of them.  I think I’m going to start calling my couple’s portrait sessions “Just the Two of Us”…. OK, so I’d always be there too of course, but with gentle guidance you can lose yourselves and be totally into one another for beautiful intimate photos even with gooseberry here snapping away!

Vanda & Csaba are just adorable, they really let me into their lives for just an evening and have already said those who know them well say I’ve captured them just how they are and always have been.  A love like theirs is so very special and you see that as soon as you meet them.  It has got them through some very hard times and just keeps growing stronger.  You can’t help but smile when you’re around them… so thank you for booking me you gorgeous couple you!!  Oh and for letting me share some of your photos on my blog…. hard to chose a favourite really!

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