Farbridge Barn Wedding ~ Heather & Joe are Married ~

I’m always happy to shoot a Farbridge Barn Wedding, such a fab venue – a HUGE blank canvas that you can really stamp your mark on, which I have to say Heather and Joe did with such brilliance and style!  I loved all the little details; the gorgeous signs Heather spent ages making with her mum & sister, the fabric hearts that took weeks to make with everyone chipping in.  Some of the material used to make them had come from Heather’s granny’s nighty so it felt she was still with them there in some way on the day.  It’s the little stories like this that I love to hear about – but do excuse me if when you’re telling me I well up!  I’m a bit of an old sop!!

Heather looked absolutely amazing in her Alfred Angelo dress and her gorgeous bridesmaids looked beautiful too in their Grecian-style full length dresses.  Their make-up was lovingly applied by my friend Sarah from Enhance Make-up and wonderful flowers from Jay Archer Floral Design.  Joe’s niece was such a gorgeous little flower girl and I guess Joe didn’t scrub up too bad himself in his dapper grey suit and matching blue floral tie and hanky!  The whole day was just amazing, such a giggle – I loved the ceremony, it was so emotional and afterwards there was delicious food and great service as always from the fantastic team from Buns To Banquets.  And if you love Mr Blue the camper then I think he can be hired again but he’s a family member rather than a commercial vehicle so has to get special insurances for weddings – check out my friend Lucy’s commercial vintage caravans here though, Lucy Jayne Caravans.

There were plenty of tears on Heather & Joe’s big day but mostly they were tears of laughter!  Real big fat belly laughs from the pit of your tummy!!  My. sides. ached. so. much!  Joe disappeared for a bit in the evening – I’d just set up the SNAPstick booth and was getting going (actually Heather and Joe’s friends and family didn’t need to get going, they were straight in there!!) and Heather had no idea where he’d gone.  Then Beyonce’s Single Ladies song came on and there was a mad dash to the dance floor – I think at this point you just need to look at the photos to see the speedos and Lionel Ritchie wig Joe was wearing for his routine with the bridesmaids!… hilarious, well done to the girls for teaching him – no encouragement or arm twisting was needed though, he was loving it!!  Note the shock on the little children’s faces.  Poor things!  Never laughed so much…!  Thanks so so much for booking me guys – I genuinely had the best time ever! xx

Farbridge Barn Wedding

Farbridge Barn Wedding

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