Fontwell Park Wedding ~ Samantha & Paul ~ West Sussex Wedding Photography

Fontwell Park is a fabulous venue for a wedding, such a fantastic mix of the old with the new, but Samantha & Paul completely fell in love with the old – not surprising when Samantha has just graduated with a degree in history (well done that lady!).  They especially loved the elegant Fontwell House building, that provides a beautiful setting in amongst the topiary lawns and gardens.  The day itself was glorious weather wise, the sun shone and we had brilliant bright blue skies.  I spent most of the morning with the girls as they got ready at Samantha’s parents’ house then up at Fontwell Park I just went with the flow of the day.  I say flow as there were tears, many tears during the ceremony then tears of laughter & joy later on.  Everyone had a wonderful time and the smiles on Samantha’s and Paul’s faces through out the day say it all really.  They spent months preparing for their wedding and I got many excited emails from Samantha on the lead up to the big day.  Seeing it all come together for them was such a joy, it was a real pleasure to capture all those cherished memories for them.  With all those pretty details and happy guests, I was one very content photographer!  Here are some of my favourites…

2013-10-30_0001 2013-10-30_0002 2013-10-30_0003 2013-10-30_0004 2013-10-30_0005 2013-10-30_0006

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