Gorgeous Grittenham Barn Laid Back Country Wedding ~ Sheralyn & Shane ~ May 2014

Today I am delighted to be sharing with you a gorgeous Grittenham Barn laid back country wedding, that of Sheralyn & Shane’s from last May.  It was such a beautiful day; the couple, the guests, the details and of course the atmosphere was amazing too.  A day full of love and laughter and I really did enjoy every minute and every frame snapped!

I joined Sheralyn & the girls at her parent’s house in the morning, the lovely Charlotte from Polka dot Hair and Make-up was there to tame everyone’s locks and create some fabulous up dos & Debbie from Daisy Sussex was on hand to beautify everyone too.  Sheralyn took everyone’s breath away including her dad’s as she walked down the stairs and revealed her stunning Maggie Sottero dress for the first time.  Wow!

I left them all for a little alone time to join the boys at Boxgrove Priory where they were busy greeting guests and handing out orders of service.  I could feel the nervous excitement in the air there as everyone anticipated the arrival of the bride… especially Shane.  Sheralyn took a lot more people’s breath away that day as she walked down the aisle and their ceremony was just magical.  After some confetti and a few group shots we did some romantic portraits round the back of the church in the old ruins. What a backdrop!!

Later at the barns we did a few more couple’s portraits and fun group shots but as always I concentrated mainly on capturing the atmosphere – mixing and mingling in to snap those all important natural shots that really tell the story of the day.  I had fun with all the beautiful details too, Sheralyn & Shane had really gone to town with the flowers (by her auntie!) & bunting (all home made) & the large LOVE letters from Doris Loves – we couldn’t resist carefully taking them into one of the sheds for a “cool” shot!  The fun didn’t stop either as everyone boogied the night away to the fabulous band Frankie & Louie.

It really was the perfect wedding day and all came together so beautifully…. I know Sheralyn & Shane had the best day ever too and I’m so grateful to them for booking me. Their wedding has already been featured over on The Vintage Wedding Society blog but here are some of my favourites from the day too… enjoy!!

Maggie Sottero Wedding Dress 2015-03-28_0002 2015-03-28_0003 2015-03-28_0004 2015-03-28_0005 2015-03-28_0006 2015-03-28_0007 2015-03-28_0008 2015-03-28_0009 Polka Dot Hair and Makeup 2015-03-28_0011 2015-03-28_0012 2015-03-28_0013 2015-03-28_0014 2015-03-28_0015 2015-03-28_0016 2015-03-28_0017 2015-03-28_0018 2015-03-28_0019 2015-03-28_0020 2015-03-28_0021 2015-03-28_0022 2015-03-28_0023 2015-03-28_0024 2015-03-28_0025 2015-03-28_0026 2015-03-28_0027 2015-03-28_0028 2015-03-28_0029
2015-03-28_0031 Boxgrove Priory Wedding 2015-03-28_0033 2015-03-28_0034 2015-03-28_0035 2015-03-28_0036 2015-03-28_0037 2015-03-28_0038 2015-03-28_0039 2015-03-28_0040 2015-03-28_0041 Boxgrove Priory Wedding 2015-03-28_0043 2015-03-28_0044 2015-03-28_0045 2015-03-28_0046 2015-03-28_0047 2015-03-28_0048 Grittenham Barn Wedding 2015-03-28_0050 2015-03-28_0051 2015-03-28_0052 2015-03-28_0053 2015-03-28_0054 2015-03-28_0055 2015-03-28_0056 2015-03-28_0057 2015-03-28_0058 2015-03-28_0059 2015-03-28_0060 2015-03-28_0061 2015-03-28_0062 2015-03-28_0063 2015-03-28_0064 2015-03-28_0065 2015-03-28_0066 2015-03-28_0067 2015-03-28_0068 2015-03-28_0069 2015-03-28_0070 2015-03-28_0071 2015-03-28_0072 2015-03-28_0073 2015-03-28_0074 2015-03-28_0075 2015-03-28_0076 2015-03-28_0077 2015-03-28_0078 2015-03-28_0079 2015-03-28_0080 Grittenham Barn Wedding 2015-03-28_0082 2015-03-28_0083 2015-03-28_0084 2015-03-28_0085 2015-03-28_0086 2015-03-28_0087 2015-03-28_0088 2015-03-28_0089 2015-03-28_0090 2015-03-28_0091 2015-03-28_0092 2015-03-28_0093 2015-03-28_0094 2015-03-28_0095


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