Grittenham Barn ~ Wonderful Rainy Day Wedding ~ Kevin & Emma May 2014

Kevin & Emma’s big day at Grittenham Barn last May was very wet…. a complete contrast to my last wedding (see previous blog post) which was bright glorious sunshine all day and hot hot hot.  That’s the thing about the weather you just cannot choose what you get on your day so why let it worry you or spoil anything?  Kevin & Emma definitely didn’t & I certainly never let it phase me either.  I have such great memories of their day, they are such an amazingly happy couple and all their friends and family had me giggling from start to finish!!  For me a wedding is all about the couple and their guests – they are what make it what it is…. not the weather…. and rest assured we can still get lovely photos as long as you bring a brollie or two and possibly even wellies!

I joined Emma getting ready in a beautiful little rented cottage – I have to thank the girls for helping me hang her beautiful dress by the fireplace.  We checked meticulously first if the bricks were dirty or not and one of her lovely bridesmaids balanced on a chair to hang it up high – all a bit of a palava but worth it for the shot I think!  Then I left them a bit earlier to get to the barn and capture the boys and guests arriving.  I love Grittenham such a beautiful rustic venue and a blank canvas you can really stamp your mark on.  The ceremony was such fun, we all sang “When I’m 64!” and Emma & Kevin had personal vows for each other which were so beautiful…. not a dry eye in the room!  There was a little break in the rain just after the ceremony so everyone was able to have drinks and throw confetti outside and we did a couple of group shots and a magician wowed the crowds (and me)! with his tricks.  Then the heavens opened again and everyone went indoors for the delicious meal and emotional speeches.  I snuck out again with Emma & Kevin for a few couple’s portraits and then we were gate crashed by their friends for some crazy singing in the rain shots!!  My sides ached – we all laughed so much….  I stayed on into the evening capturing the first dance and some boogie woogie pics – the dance floor was packed and rightfully so with Oomphf singing and playing their hearts out.  Amazing…. anyway enough waffle – here are some pics!

2015-02-18_0002 2015-02-18_0003 2015-02-18_0004 2015-02-18_0005 2015-02-18_0006 West Sussex Rainy Wedding 2015-02-18_0007 Grittenham Barn Wedding 2015-02-18_0008b 2015-02-18_0010 2015-02-18_0011 Wedding Flowers 2015-02-18_0013 Father of the Bride 2015-02-18_0015 2015-02-18_0016 Grittenham Barn Wedding 2015-02-18_0018 2015-02-18_0019 2015-02-18_0020 2015-02-18_0021 2015-02-18_0023 2015-02-18_0024 2015-02-18_0025 2015-02-18_0026 2015-02-18_0027 2015-02-18_0028 2015-02-18_0029 2015-02-18_0030 2015-02-18_0031 2015-02-18_0032 2015-02-18_0033 2015-02-18_0034 2015-02-18_0035 2015-02-18_0036 2015-02-18_0037 2015-02-18_0038 2015-02-18_0039 2015-02-18_0040 2015-02-18_0041 2015-02-18_0042 2015-02-18_0043 2015-02-18_0044 2015-02-18_0045 2015-02-18_0046 2015-02-18_0047 2015-02-18_0048 2015-02-18_0049 2015-02-18_0050 2015-02-18_0051 2015-02-18_0052 2015-02-18_0053 2015-02-18_0054 2015-02-18_0055 2015-02-18_0056 2015-02-18_0057 2015-02-18_0058 2015-02-18_0059 2015-02-18_0060 2015-02-18_0061 2015-02-18_0062 2015-02-18_0063 Oomphf Wedding Band 2015-02-18_0064 2015-02-18_0067 2015-02-18_0068 Oomphf Wedding Band 2015-02-18_0069 Oomphf Wedding Band 2015-02-18_0073 2015-02-18_0074 2015-02-18_0074b 2015-02-18_0074c


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