Maidens Barn Wedding ~ Lauren & Chris said they do! ~ Essex Wedding Photography

Lauren & Chris booked me for their Maidens Barn wedding in Essex after seeing their friends Seren & James’ wedding photos on Facebook from a couple of years ago.  They loved the natural candid shots and relaxed couples portraits and came down to meet me one weekend for a blustery pre wedding shoot on Brighton beach so we could get to know each other a bit better.  We had such a giggle and I knew their day would be fab and we’d get along just fine.  They are really keen travellers and went for an American twist to the sweetie table, and their reception tables all had the names of places they had been.  I loved the guest book idea – they had post cards to write on and pop in an old vintage suitcase, bet they loved reading all those messages after the big day.

Lauren looked so beautiful in her Maggie Sottero dress and I loved the calla lily bouquet and button holes too.  The boys didn’t scrub up too bad in their suits with burgundy red cravats and pocket hankies.  Their flower girls were soo cute in their little white dresses and Lauren’s bridesmaids looked gorgeous in their to the floor, sleeveless red dresses too.

Essex is a long old drive but honestly I don’t mind one bit when I’m made to feel as welcome as I was with Lauren & Chris and their families and friends.  HUGE congratulations to you both and thank you again for booking me to capture it all for you… here’s their wedding day through my eyes!

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