A few from the Honeymoon…

So I just had a mini honeymoon!  For those who don’t know … my other half Steve and I got married just before Christmas!  We had the most amazing day with all our fabulous friends and family and even though we would have loved to have jetted off straight after for a couple of weeks on a desert island, instead we waited till the February half term so we could have my niece to house and dog sit, my lovely mum and her husband aka the Grandparents extraordinare to have the children (and they went swimming, to see the Lego Movie and the Zoo!!!) and my super kind Uncle & Auntie to loan us their most amazing penthouse apartment right on the seafront in Ventnor on the Isle of Wight.  Wow is all I can say, what a place!  We had 3 days of bliss – we didn’t really do much but it meant everything to us just to be together and have some time to ourselves.  We really did deserve it if I do say so myself!  Here are some snaps… guilt free photos of landscapes without the children moaning at us to hurry up!  Ventnor, Steephill Cove, The Needles & Yarmouth, plus a couple of arm stretched selfies of course!  Enjoy….

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  • Irina Silova - What a beautiful place on earth!!! I am so happy for you both!! xxxxReplyCancel

  • Mandy Shillingford - Wow!!! Amazing pics as always x hope u enjoyed ur well deserved break xx

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