My love of photography – it started with a click…


My love of photography started when I rescued my first dog in 2001 and I loved to capture him being goofy, having fun and running on the beach.   A few months later I rescued a 2nd hound and again my love of capturing them and their funny antics continued and I started to photograph other people’s pets and local wildlife.

After having my first son in 2003 I continued to snap away, now with baby photos to add to the ever growing portfolio!  I started doing / coercing a few friends into having family shoots too!  Luckily they all loved the results and soon everyone was encouraging me to make photography my job. Becoming a photographer was the perfect career move – having a business that I absolutely love and that I can fit around family life.

Being a mum and having dogs has given me a lot of experience with both children and animals – I know they say you should never work with either but my life would be so dull if I didn’t!

Wedding photography for me started in 2008 when I captured a friend’s big day, then a friend of a friend’s a few months later – and that was it, I was hooked!  I love the whole story telling side of photographing a wedding… those wonderful candid moments! Capturing memories for the bride and groom that they will cherish forever, and of course I love the shoes, the dress, the flowers & above all the romance!  What girl wouldn’t?!  I never take it for granted though and feel so honoured to be a part of every day I capture and come rain or shine, candlelit ceremonies or receptions on a boat I’ve captured it all and can’t wait to tell every couples’ unique and special story…

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