Beautiful Laid back Barn Wedding at Gaynes Park ~ Eloise & Laurence ~

Eloise & Laurence had such a beautiful laid back barn wedding at Gaynes Park last May, it really was such a visually pretty day with so many gorgeous blooms and little things they had thought of that really spoke of them – I call all of this prettiness camera candy!  Love it!!  Their love of France played a role as all the tables were named after iconic Paris land marks like La Tour Eiffel & Notre Dame or restaurants they love there like Le Petit Châtelet.  They also incorporated their favourite Disney characters Wall-E & Eva as cake toppers – I might have borrowed Wall-E for a ring shot a bit later too!  I loved their matching custom converse they put on for the evening so they could dance just that little bit longer in comfort and Eloise’s Essence dress was stunning, she looked breath taking ….  She got ready with the girls in some rented cottages but as soon as the Coach House at Gaynes was ready they moved on over there for the finishing touches – I thoroughly recommend this as the light and décor there lend themselves so beautifully for photos.  Perfect!  As always what really makes it for me though is the atmosphere and all the real moments I’m able to capture that the couple and their friends and family will look back on with smiles (and sometimes tears) and treasure forever.  And there were plenty of fab moments throughout their day!  Their friends and family were all so lovely, we had such a giggle during the group photos and the speeches were wonderful too.  Eloise & Laurence are a much loved couple and have so much love for each other as well.  It was a joy to be a part of their day and I enjoyed every minute.

Here are some of my favourites which will hopefully bring it all to life….

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