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I offer really informal & fun ONE-TO-ONE training sessions for aspiring photographers who already have their own business set up and are ready to move on to the next level and start attracting more work and the kinds of clients and weddings they want to shoot.

We cover all aspects of running your own photography business from how a typical wedding day unfolds and what to expect, to my editing techniques, camera settings, admin, marketing & book keeping & much more! I promise I don't hold back, so you can bring your questions and fire away!

The training sessions last 4 hours (working lunch included!) and take place Monday - Friday from 10am - 2pm. I also include a live shoot so you can learn how to pose couples naturally and put some of your new found knowledge into practise!

Afterwards I love staying in touch with my students *new friends* (!) to see your work progress and your business blossom and I'm happy to continue to help you if you need or want any more tips or advice.

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£60 per person


I also offer really informal & fun group training sessions for absolute beginner or novice photographers who want to learn a bit more about what settings to use and how to get the best from their camera.

We cover all the basics so you can switch from auto mode into manual and choose the best light for your photos and master depth of field. We'll chat lenses, ISO, apertures and shutter speeds to your hearts content... But mostly we'll go out and about and shoot stuff!

The training sessions last 2 hours for a minimum group of 4 (maximum 8) and take place Monday - Friday from 10am - 12 noon or 12 noon - 2pm. You get the friends together and I'll do the rest!

Afterwards I'm happy to stay in touch via a Learn With Nicki Facebook Group that you'll be invited to join and continue to help you out with your work and settings if you need or want any more tips and advice.

Please contact me for more details.


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