The Welcome Home Workshop with the Wonderful Emma Case {Kapow} “My Light Bulb Moment”!!

I’ve been wanting to go on some sort of course or workshop for a while now and have been searching the interweb to try and find something that I know I will benefit from, there are loads out there but nothing ever really made me want to have to book up!  Then the lovely Emma Case announced she would be running a day’s workshop and that was it – not a moment’s hesitation (didn’t even know Steve could get the day off to have the kids!) but I knew I had to book.  Lucky I did as it sold out within a few hours I think – if not less.  How chuffed (not to mention nervous & excited) was I?!!

I love Emma’s work and have followed her blog and drooled over her website for some time now along with thousands of other photographers and couples and wedding industry folk all over the world.  Her photos really do move me, they make me laugh – they even made us all cry with the stories that went with them that we got to hear about on the day!  Emma is honest, true, funny, beautiful, friendly and swears a lot (oops!) wears her heart on her sleeve!  But you know this before you even meet her, so… you think…. can she really be like that in “real life“?  Yes she can and she most certainly is!  Et voila – the light bulb moment for me – be myself all the time and not worry what others might be thinking – when I’m writing emails, designing my website, putting together blog posts etc. etc…  just    be     me…  then hopefully this will attract couples who are informal, friendly, fun, relaxed, have a sense of humour, a romantic side and are a little bit arty and daft, … just like me! 🙂 (past couples now reading this are wondering if they are any of these things?!! hehehe)… of course you were – OK maybe you weren’t daft and the majority trusted me to be the arty one!

Ah what a day though – we got to meet Emma’s gorgeous other half Pete who looked after us all so well (they really are two halves of a whole, love ’em!) and the very talented Lee from Shutterbox Flms, also Emma’s lovely sister Jodie who worked really hard behind the scenes & did an amazing job with styling … it was just all SO much fun, we all felt ridiculous amounts of different emotions throughout the day, the weather did some crazy-ass stuff, I re-discovered my WHY, I learnt so much about myself, that camera settings don’t really matter – just do what works best for you, I met so many other wonderful & inspiring photographers (BIG love to you all!) and most importantly we all left with that warm fuzzy feeling of Welcome Home…. ❤

Here are some of my favourite snaps from the day – check Emma, Pete & Lee’s funky office (loving the views from the windows…) and you’re in for a treat with Lauren & Ste our stupidly gorgeous models for the day (Lauren’s dress  – Fur Coat no Knickers – Make-up – Makeup By Jodie) who we shot in the stairwell and a room filled with amazing natural light in Birmingham’s uber groovy former Custard Factory.  I want to do it all over again – when’s the next one Emma?! 🙂 xx

Sooooo lovely to meet you all xxx  🙂

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