I have my Pretty Bella – what about my Edward?!

OK so what am I on about?  A new camera bag of course!  In an attempt for any prospective clients to get to know “me” a bit better I’m having a go at writing some personal blog entries.  I can’t promise they will be funny and witty or even remotely interesting but at least you get a little insight into my life as you’re letting me into yours to capture your weddings, babies, families etc…!  If no one else enjoys these posts at least my lovely Grandma on the Isle of Wight will! 🙂

So I needed a litte cheer-me-up and as I’m on a diet what else is a girl to do but buy a new bag or some shoes?!  Only thing is, I don’t really do handbags (my lip-balm and purse squeeze into Seth’s changing bag that comes everywhere with me!) and I just bought myself a new pair of shoes in the sales so a camera bag it was! 

When I was looking I originally wanted a shootsac but couldn’t stretch to one at the moment so I searched for Crumpler on ebay and this beauty came up!

Those who know me already will know I LOVE green (on accessories and clothes for the boys, I don’t wear much green myself, maybe the odd scarf!)… and I am also a bit of a Twilight Fan so the name of the bag being Pretty Bella was very appealing!  (Just need my Edward Cullen now…!)  It also fits the majority of my favourite gear in its well protected pockets; my camera, 4 different lenses, my flash, spare battery and memory cards.  No room for my zoom lens sadly but that’s soooo heavy anyway I will keep that in my mahooosive rucksack for when I need it!

So was everyone else in my family as impressed with my new purchase as me?  Nah… Seth was more interested in the lens cap whilst I took the photo!

Hope you have a lovely weekend – got a wedding blessing on Sunday evening so please all cross your fingers for some dry weather as we’ve got plans for some fab photos afterwards!

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