Holidays on the Isle of Wight ~ How we survived half term!

My mum and her husband moved to the Isle of Wight a year and a half ago and due to one thing or another we’ve not been able to make it over all together (technically we still haven’t as poor Steve had to work, well maybe not so poor Steve as he had plenty of peace and quiet!).  Summers are always tricky for me with weddings and having babies!  Then I always have to find someone to look after the dogs as my mum has two gorgeous cats who my lot wouldn’t get along with too well!  But finally this half term I packed our bags and booked a ticket and off we went on the ferry.  Typically the weather was awful – it rained pretty much every day and was very foggy and overcast but we made the most of it and found two new soft play centres for wet day play!  It was so nice (that’s an understatement, it was an absolute utter joy and luxury!!) to have delicious meals cooked for us and have a hand with the boys and just spend some quality time with my mum.  I also got to see my dear Grandma who’ll be 93 this year.  She lives with them now and is making the most of adjusting to a new life on the Island – she’s proving very popular with the local Bridge club!  When the boys are there they love mucking about down on the beach – we live right on the coast here but we don’t go down there that often as there always seems to be so much else to do.  (Note to self, must make more effort to get down the beach this year…)   Hope all you other hard working mums out there are surviving half term! 


You might not want me to come on holiday with you (although if it’s somewhere nice I’d be happy to!) but if you’d like a family shoot then please get in touch via email – or phone 01243 587517.

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