Maternity Photo Shoot ~ Carol’s Beautiful Bump ❤

I do love a maternity photo shoot, I think all mums-to-be should celebrate their beautiful bumps and radiance in late stages of pregnancy.  You don’t need to do it a la Demi Moore style, although you can if you like!  There are so many flattering angles, timeless images and fun photos too that we can create to show your child one day or just to treasure for yourselves…  When Carol emailed me last week to see if I could do a “Year in the life of package” I was worried I wouldn’t be able to fit her in with the Easter holidays upon us, as she’s due very soon and my children are off school!  But I’m so pleased I managed to find the time at the weekend as it was so lovely to meet Carol and Matt – what a wonderful couple!  From the brief hour I spent with them I can tell they are going to make fantastic parents – and I can’t wait to meet their little bundle in a few weeks…  Carol, thank you so much for letting me share some of these photos from your mini bump session ❤ keep me posted on any news!

West Sussex Maternity Photographer

If you or someone you know is expecting and would like a bump-baby photo shoot or a year in the life of package please get in touch.  My kids are back at school in a week or  two so I’m sure I can squeeze you in!!

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