The Importance of a Wedding Album and your Photos

So you’ve had the most amazing day of your life… the months, if not years of planning are over, in a flash!  Your most treasured family members and friends all came together for a day to be there just for you and witness you both promise yourself to each other for the rest of your lives.  Wow… you don’t get more special than that.

You spent all that money, oops sorry, invested all that money (!) – you looked beautiful, handsome, gorgeous and soooo happy!  Your photographer captured the day perfectly and you want to show the world – you want to keep looking at the photos yourself.  You’ll want to show your children one day and your grand children too.  The best way?  In my opinion, humble as it may be, has to be in print – framed on your walls, or as a canvas or a collage – up there for you to admire day in and day out and also … in an album – professionally designed and laid out beautifully to tell the story of your day.  Perhaps with a funky cover to tie in with your colour scheme or theme.  You can take this with you when you visit friends and family and get it out on anniversaries – or when ever you fancy a reminisce.

After wedding fever has died away and you settle into married life you’ll have your personal memories of the day and your rings and the promise you made to each other.  You’ll hopefully have a stronger love for one another too but the only tangible thing you’ll have apart from the left over favours or your name tags and your worn suits/dress and shoes are… YOUR PHOTOS.  You can fire up the computer or switch the iPad on and flick through them there but better still you can have them in an album – grab it down from the shelf, cuddle up on the sofa and turn the pages together.  Smile… laugh… cry… remember…

I’m so passionate about your photos and capturing your day for you that I love designing albums for you too.  I recently ordered a load of new sample albums and had an order in for 4 couples’ albums at once so I took the opportunity to give the lovely array of colourful books a little shoot of their own!  You might even spot my own album in there with the bright red cover – my design but the photos were of course by the lovely Kelly of Lola Rose Photography.

If you’re unsure whether or not to have an album or purely cannot afford one I say save up and go for it!  It’ll be £450 or so well spent (if you go for a deluxe one) and you can order one with me up to a year after your wedding (sometimes longer if you let me know) – and were you aware the first anniversary gift is paper?  (Like diamonds are for your 60th?)  An album has to beat a roll of novelty toilet paper any day, surely?!!

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