Karaoke Pub Crawl Wedding ~ Tasha & Mike tie the knot UK style!

I finished 2013 off with a bang….!  A karaoke pub crawl wedding!!  I kid you not!  What an amazing day it was too…  Natasha & Mike came all the way over from South Carolina, USA with a close knit group of friends to spend some time together partying and getting married and partying some more!  Mike’s family originates from Ireland and Natasha’s mum lives right here where I live in Felpham village, just outside Bognor.  They had the most beautiful ceremony in the Catholic church in Bognor Regis, it really is such an amazing building inside, it totally surprised me…. stunning!  The service was lovely too, Natasha’s Uncle Dave gave her away, it was really special and I love that moment as they walked down the aisle together of them looking at each other.  The heavens opened up whilst we were in the church but that didn’t stop Tasha and Mike going up to the dunes at West Beach afterwards for a few fun and romantic snaps before we headed back down to where they were having their wedding breakfast at Littlehampton Golf Club.  After a few drinks and the speeches I left the party to enjoy their meal for a few hours and joined them again later for karaoke fun in the George Inn in Felpham.  This is the point at which I could not stop giggling and my sides were aching from laughing so much!  What a fun crowd and what a hilarious evening… they belted out all the karaoke classics with such erm…. how shall I put it?  Such skill and grace?  Yup, that’ll do!  All that’s left to say is thank you thank you thank you for booking me to come and capture your day and join in the fun with ya’all!  And please guys…. just don’t stop believe’in…. grab a pork pie and hold on to that feelin’…..  😉  You’re the best! x

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and if you’re itching for some more please take a look at these in the gallery… x

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